Ian has been blogging the Lotusphere Comes to You events in England, and now steps back to reflect on those as well as the change of Lotus general manager:

It is clear from even the most casual observation to see that the funds now being invested in product development are at a rate not seen for a decade. As much as I applaud this turnaround it seems that although the factory is running at 100% capacity the marketing strategy as to which customers should be buying the output and more importantly why they should be buying which piece of the output seems to have gone walkabout. Looking on at a distance, how all the pieces fit together within an 'over arching' structure frankly seems completely absent.
I see his point entirely.  There's a great Lotus strategy presentation -- I've been using it in part or in whole for the last eight weeks at customer meetings and events -- but it sits at a higher level, looking at the entirety of "collaboration".  There's a great Lotus "bringing it all together" demonstration, centered around how the Lotus Notes 8 client delivers on the notion of the "desktop of the future, today".  Between these two, though, I agree that more around the current and future strategy of what Lotus stands for needs to more clearly -- and broadly -- articulated.

This is why I am enthusiastic about new GM Bob Picciano's background in sales and marketing.  If ever there was an opportunity to have a Lotus leader address the perennial perception of Lotus marketing and awareness lagging, that time is now.

Link: Ian White: Open letter to IBM Lotus >

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