At VoiceCon earlier today, IBM and Cisco made an announcement around the UC2 client platform, combining the Eclipse/OGSi capabilities of the Lotus Expeditor platform with communications tools and APIs made by Cisco Systems.  There's also a component of the announcement where IBM and Cisco will expand joint go-to-market activities and resell each others' products in this area.  

Offerings manager Adam Gartenberg writes:

So, what does this all mean for you?  It means that we will see an acceleration in applications that can be deployed in your desktop environment.  It means that it will be that much easier for you and your coworkers and employees to see the benefits from unified communications and collaboration.  It means that you can take complexity and cost out of your environment.
Adam also points to the new UCĀ² page on  He further notes that he'll be updating his blog with links to press coverage -- and in the sumary I just received, I see 20+ articles, everywhere from the Financial Times and BusinessWeek to Intranet Journal  and MSN Money Central.  

It's great to see the momentum continue around Sametime 7.5 as a platform.

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