The official press announcement of Lotus Notes/Domino 7.0.2 availability is out goes out later today.  I'll add the link once it's live.  Alan Lepofsky and I have done many press interviews about the 7.0.2 release over the last few days, so I'm expecting to see some coverage in the various trade publications as the day goes by.

Press coverage:  Heise (Deutsch), CRN, Network World, Internet News, WebProNews, IDG News (PC World), ZDNet, Red Herring,, Techworld

It's great to finally be able to talk about this release.  The pages about Notes/Domino have all been refreshed, including an updated page specifically on the 7.0.2 release.  It's been a lot of fun to watch many bloggers talking about 7.0.2 over the last several days.  I'll be pulling a bunch of quotes from the blogs over the next few days....for now, here are some of the links:

The overall 7.0.2 release: Taking Notes podcast, John Head, Paul Mooney, Stu Downes, (Swedish), Joerg Hochwald (Deutsch), Matthew White, Gerco Wolfswinkel (Dutch), DominoPoint.IT(Italiano), John Roling (Intranet Journal)

Weblog template:  Bruce Elgort, Chris Miller, Ben Rose, Steve Castledine (duh!), Colin Williams and more Colin Williams

Notes on the go/"Wanda"/"Nomad": Paul Rigby, Chris Miller, Chris Whisonant (extensive), Jack Dausman, Susan Bulloch, Colin Williams and more Colin Williams , DominoPoint.IT, Chris Linfoot, Declan Lynch and more Declan Lynch, Matt Holthe

RSS feeds application: Bruce Elgort

iCalendar improvements: Bruce Elgort

TNEF (Winmail.dat) support: Ben Rose , Chris Linfoot (identifies some problems)

Notes mail addressing: Paul Mooney

SmartUpdate: Ben Rose

Updated Notes access for SAP Solutions: Advisor article by Bob Balaban

Allow for basic authentication of some URLs: Chris Linfoot

If you've blogged about these features and I missed you, please send me a note (ed at and I'll update.  Thanks.


Last, don't miss the rebirth of -- now as a team blog for the IBM Lotus Domino development team!

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