It has been noticed that I didn't have the opportunity to blog anything yet from IBM Connect 2013. The conference has been going great and there is a ton of activity. My Twitter followers have certainly seen many updates from the conference, but I haven't had a chance to put any real thoughts together in writing.

Part of the reason has been distraction. On Sunday, just as the conference was getting underway, a tragic accident occurred, which involved a customer attending the conference. Several other attendees were participants in the activity at the time. Rather than my usual pre-conference preparations, my Sunday was thus allocated to the community - my friends - in an example of real life being a much higher priority than anything else. I'm not going into any other details publicly but share only in that the series of events affected so many, and brought together this family in ways that demonstrated why this conference is more than just an event.

I felt the first couple of days of the conference have been very successful, and I will be posting some links to press and analyst coverage as the week goes by. Meanwhile, I delivered the INV101 session yesterday morning, "IBM Messaging and Collaboration Roadmap". There was a lot to cover this year, and I had two guests - Yann Ribager from BUNGE EMEA, and Rob Shoenfelt from Celina Insurance. Thank you to both for contributing your stories.

The session is available on LiveStream and the slides on SlideShare.

I'll be in other sessions this week, including of course Ask the Product Managers on Thursday. Thanks for your participation!

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