It wouldn't be January without Orlando, the WDW Swan Hotel, and hundreds of my favorite geeks all in one place.

IBM ConnectED 2015 will take place January 25 to 28 in Orlando at the WDW Swan. This is a more-technical conference than it has been in the recent past; an opportunity to refocus on practitioners and practical advice. Note: There is no truth to the rumor that I asked for the conference to be renamed.

A few of the sessions have been announced; the "meat and potatoes" sessions in infrastructure and best practices have been selected by long-time conference veteran track managers Susan Bulloch and Wes Morgan. It's going to be smaller, more-focused, practical information from the day you leave.

At IBM ConnectED 2015, I will be speaking in the context of my new role, covering IBM's own social business journey. I'm not pitching product features, but instead focused on how we, like any progressive company, are driving adoption of social business tools. My session will feature some key case studies from IBM's internal adoption - in fact, we are running a program right now to help identify IBM stories that have specific, measurable business outcomes. (If you are an IBMer and are interested in learning more, pop a note on my Connections wall and I'll hook you up!). I hope to show how we've moved beyond "holding hands and sharing files" into the realm of real impact to client satisfaction, efficiency, speed, employee engagement, and most importantly, innovation.

We're not saving it all for IBM ConnectED, though. There's some exciting news on the IBM collaboration and social front coming in the next week or two. Be sure to check out this webcast on November 20, featuring IBM's Jeff Schick, Phil Gilbert, and Constellation Research's Alan Lepofsky. There will also be a series of regional events in the next few weeks on this "New way to work" theme, and I'll pop up at a few of them in Germany/Switzerland next week, as well as Charlotte/Chicago/Boston the week after US Thanksgiving (2-4 December). Watch my Twitter feed for info on these events if you are interested, or leave a comment or a Tweet and I'll follow up.

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  1. 1  Ray Bilyk |

    So the rumor's not true that you wanted it renamed to BrillFest 2015?

  1. 2  Ed Brill |

    I think that was SouderSphere that was the alternate name.

  1. 3  Thomas Duff |

    To me, it still needs to be Dolphin/Swan/YBC and thousands of my friends for it to *really* be January in Orlando. :)

  1. 4  Vitor Pereira  |

    Is it down to "hundreds" now ;-)

  1. 5  Ed Brill |

    Vitor, the conference target is something like 1500-2000 people, and I won't know everyone so ergo not all of them can be my "favorites" :-P

  1. 6  Sonam Gupta |


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  1. 7  Edward P. Jessup |

    Hi, This is very amazing and informative post. I just have read your post. The conference must be a big and memorable event so far.

  1. 8  Kelly Vandever |

    Will your session (or other session) be live streamed during the conference?

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