This morning, you can find the Connections Mail plug-in for IBM Connections 4 is now available on the IBM Collaboration Solutions Catalog.

IBM Connections Mail:
     •        Minimizes switching between your messaging and social applications with access to existing corporate email and calendar within IBM Connections
     •        Easily share mail attachments via the Connections Files service
     •        Allows you to address mails to contacts in your IBM Connections, Lotus Notes or Microsoft Outlook networks
     •        Allows you to find experts more easily with quick access to the Connections profile of mail recipients.

Video: See what IBM Connections Mail can do for you!

        •        IBM Connections Mail lets you focus more on your social network, by letting you use your IBM Lotus Domino or Microsoft Exchange email and calendar from within IBM Connections. Watch this 2.5min video to see what else Connections Mail can do for you.   IBM Connections Mail video

You can learn more about IBM Connections Mail by visiting us on

IBM Connections Mail completes the story of a complete social and collaboration platform, uniquely available from IBM. Easy, transparent, simple mail triage, without losing context. One hover-over access to calendar information. Full rich editing capabilities. A social mail experience.

This is just the first release of IBM Connections Mail, and we explicitly chose to use the Solutions Catalog as a distribution vehicle so that Connections Mail can be revised and updated without having to be tied to Connections releases. Agile, responsive development. We already have a pretty good idea of what needs to be in the "1.x" release, and have a roadmap for the second full release. One key concept: social analytics. Wouldn't it be great if a mail tool was context-sensitive, displaying only relevant messages from your inbox at any given time, instead of the whole thing? That would turn mail into less of a whack-a-mole, first-in first-out experience and more into a private delivery vehicle for social content.

Whether your mail system is IBM's or Microsoft's, Connections Mail works for you. Why not improve your outlook? Update to Connections 4 + Connections Mail today.

You can also read more about Connections Mail on product manager Luis Benitez's blog, here >

Link: IBM Collaboration Solutions Catalog: IBM Connections Mail >

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