My colleagues in IBM's globalization team (they do product internationalization) are conducting a survey, and would like your input.  Generally, they are looking for customer satisfaction information related to several aspects of IBM products.  You can respond to the survey for any IBM product, but obviously, they've asked me to help gather some additional responses as it relates to Lotus software.  The survey questions are detailed and ask about aspects such as the ease of doing business with IBM, finding product information, first impressions of using IBM products, integration with your existing environment, and other aspects of deploying IBM software.

The survey respondents they do get tend to be mostly in English-language-speaking countries, and yet they are really looking for more input around non-English language IBM product consumability.  The survey is available in several different languages, including Brasilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese, German, Spanish, French, and Italian.  We'd *really* value some input from IBM clients in countries where those languages are spoken.

The survey is somewhat detailed and probably takes 20-30 minutes to fill out in full.  We would really appreciate your input!

Link: Consumability Experience Survey > (if it does not auto-populate, please use invitation code 'edbrilldotcom')

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