It almost feels like overkill to link this article 24 hours after it went live.  Yesterday's news of the OpenNTF organizational overhaul has been a hot topic in the Lotus online community, with good contributions to the discussion from Declan Lynch, Steve Castledine, Rob McDonagh, and others (I'm saving a link to John Head's posting on the topic for something else, tomorrow).  I think it's extremely healthy to be having the debates that are being had (about the Apache license, about code ownership rights and waivers, and about IBM vs. non-IBM projects), because it shows that the community is extremely interested in getting OpenNTF "V2" right, and making it the best possible resource for all the Notes/Domino customers worldwide.  Clearly some of this is borderline religious discussion, but in the end, the organization and the community are going to have helped make things better.

Meanwhile, if you are still trying to understand exactly what is happening with OpenNTF, this developerWorks article is a pretty good resource:

This article describes the governance and IP model of the new OpenNTF Alliance. It also explains how consumers can find code on OpenNTF and how producers can contribute code. Last but not least, the article outlines some ideas for OpenNTF improvements and extensions.
Link: IBM developerWorks Lotus: The new OpenNTF Alliance > (thanks, Pete)

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