I was surprised to see IBM make this list:

I write this post to simply call attention to brands and companies that are totally missing the boat and not listening on twitter where millions of conversations are happening everyday. Do companies think about or even care what people are saying about them, their products or services on twitter? If they don't, then they are about to be rudely awakened soon enough.
The author, Rodney Rumford, put IBM on his list -- based on the activity (or lack thereof) of the @IBM ID.  I think that, given IBM's size and diversity, that's an unreasonable way to judge whether IBM "gets" Twitter.  As Adam Christensen, from IBM Corporate Communications, explains in a comment:
IBM is nothing more than a collection of a gazillion individual IBMers. Really smart ones for the most part, I think. And thousands of those folks are on Twitter. So rather than have a centralized - yet generic - IBM account, we've opted for a decentralized approach and let those many individuals be the IBM face to the Twitter world.
And Adam's exactly right -- there are hundreds (if not thousands) of us on Twitter, and many of us do actively watch the public twitter stream to see what is being said about our individual products.  And we have official brand IDs tweeting away about individual products, brands, or areas.

This identifies, though, a much broader issue, one that I have been thinking about a lot lately.

What does "IBM" stand for, anyway?  Ask people outside the industry, and the image is still of blue-suited sales guys selling big mainframe computers.  I don't wish to perpetuate that, especially as it is so wrong today.  But... but.... what is IBM?  Why is it that so many of you who read this blog identify yourselves as "Lotus customers", rather than "IBM software" or "IBM" customers?  Do Microsoft customers identify as "Exchange customers" or "SharePoint customers"?  No, of course not.  So what is unique about IBM, that to most IBM customers, IBM doesn't necessarily represent something you affiliate with?  What would you affiliate with?

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