IBM announced expansion of the Lotus Notes Traveler carrier network yesterday...

AT&T and Sprint have certified for use by their customers, IBM's Lotus Notes Traveler software which enables wireless replication of Lotus Notes e-mail, calendaring, and personal information management (PIM) data on select smartphones.

IBM's Lotus Notes Traveler software can be loaded with all of the set up information pre-configured. This means it is now "wireless replication-ready" as soon as the customer starts using his new device.  Standard data usage charges apply.

The devices from AT&T that have this capability are the AT&T 8525, AT&T Tilt, Moto Q Global, Palm Treo 750, PantechDuo (Mustang C810), Samsung Blackjack, and Samsung Blackjack II (i617). The devices from Sprint to include it are the Touch by HTC™, Samsung ACETM, Palm® Treo™ 700wx and Palm® Treo™ 800w. ...

Additionally, Sprint customers can now get mobile access to their corporate email accounts on select non-PDA Sprint phones such as the new Samsung InstinctTM.  Easy access to IBM Lotus Notes and other corporate email accounts is now available through Sprint Mobile Email Work, as an extension of Sprint Mobile Email's existing access to personal email accounts from other companies. For details visit

In another significant development, IBM and Research in Motion (RIM) took mobile collaboration to a new level by launching the full line of Lotus collaboration software along with IBM Cognos business intelligence software on  BlackBerry® handsets through a seamless interface, for providing a desktop-like experience on a handheld device for the first time.
Link: IBM Embedded Software Gives AT&T and Sprint Customers Access to Lotus E-mail >

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