I've been anxiously awaiting this posting to show up on the IBM jobs site...

U.S. Microsoft SWAT Team works closely with CSSRs, Specialist SSRs, Competitive Messaging Specialists & other account team members to win in accounts where Microsoft Exchange or Sharepoint software is a threat (both attack and defend situations).Provide technical leadership to win w/IBM Messaging, Collaboration and Portal offerings; show customers how IBM's offerings provide significant value in their environment; describe technical differences/advantages of IBM's offerings vs. Microsoft (Exchange, Live Communications Server, Sharepoint);engage at customer sites to perform pre-sales activities (POCs, pilots, etc), working directly w/customers.
The SWAT team has been a key part of how the Notes business has been successful for the last couple of years.  As far as I know, this is the first time IBM has looked outside the company for a skilled resource to add to the team.  Note that the job is not location-based ("live anywhere"), but does require significant travel.  

Check it out on jobs at IBM: Competitive IT specialist > (Thanks, Ed M)

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