Mark Jourdain, the product manager for Notes/Domino application development, came up with a fantastic idea a few weeks ago.  IBM has been looking for ways to provide additional tools for composite applciation development in Notes 8 to a broad audience.  Initially, the discussion was about how to best do this via -- through the sandbox, for example.  After some discussion, we came up with a better

Today, Mark and company have posted their first OpenNTF contribution: the Composite Application Component Library.  As described:

This NSF contains 22 ready-to-use utility components that you can use in your composite applications in Lotus Notes 8. ...

The NSF is based on the Eclipse Update Site (8) template that is supplied with Lotus Notes 8 and can be copied to the local data folder of the Lotus Notes 8 client or on a Lotus Domino 8 server.
Please welcome my colleagues to the community.  This is but the first contribution in this effort.

I'm off on vacation for the rest of the week... I'll be checking in, but want to take this opportunity to wish my fellow Americans a happy Thanksgiving and best of luck on blatant commercialism day (Friday).

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