A press release just went out announcing that IBM has joined the Enterprise Desktop Alliance, an organization committed to accelerating the adoption of Mac desktops in the enterprise:

The Enterprise Desktop Alliance (EDA) today announced that IBM has joined the collaborative of software developers that help further the deployment and management of Macs in the enterprise. By joining the EDA, IBM has broadened the categories of cross-platform integration which the EDA represents to include collaborative and social software from Lotus, software delivery automation capabilities from Rational and database software from Informix.  ...

"We have supported the Mac in the enterprise for over 15 years with our Notes and Domino offering," said Kevin Cavanaugh, IBM vice president of messaging and collaboration. "'The usage of Macs in the enterprise is expanding beyond line of business to a mainstream option for all, and our cross-platform collaboration solutions make the usage of Macs a natural fit within IT deployments."
IBM will be at MacWorld Expo this week at booth #1284, right next to the Enterprise Desktop Alliance at #1384.  This is another positive step in demonstrating the ability, as in my daily work, that one can operate a business desktop in the Mac environment.  I run a Microsoft-free (not even Parallels) Mac, and there are now thousands of IBMers like me.  Joining the EDA is a move to signal how serious we are about growing this footprint in the market.

Link: Enterprise Desktop Alliance: "IBM Joins Enterprise Desktop Alliance" >

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