Looks like Ferris Research wins the "first with the news" coverage of today's IBM announcement (not yet on ibm.com) of IBM Lotus Notes access for SAP solutions.  From the press release (emphasis mine):

IBM Lotus Notes access for SAP solutions include new features to Lotus Notes rich client such as templates that drive SAP interactions at no additional charge to Lotus Notes customers. IBM is building on its experience with over one thousand customers and hundreds of thousands of users who have been using Lotus Notes as a front end to SAP applications for several years. IBM is advancing the integration with SAP with Lotus Notes access for SAP solutions by making SAP data more accessible and useful to a wider audience. It integrates business processes that exist in both SAP applications and Lotus Notes into a single, familiar user experience within Lotus Notes which allows users to access the power of the features more quickly and easily. ....

IBM Lotus Notes access for SAP solutions help customers integrate SAP data and business processes with Lotus Notes tasks including vacation/leave workflow, time reporting, contact management, report generation, approval workflows -- all within the view of their familiar Lotus Notes client.  Using the powerful replication and security rich capabilities of Lotus Notes, users can take SAP application data offline, helping to keep employees productive regardless of location. SAP sites can re-design the flow of information easily to give its users an opportunity to manage their information in a more efficient, tailored way.
These new capabilities will be available for download by May 30, 2006.

While I'll write more about this announcement from DNUG next week, now is a good time to congratulate Bob Balaban, Rocky Oliver, Christian Holsing, Krista Hiltz Kahn, Peter Janzen, Scott Morris, Kathy Howard and many other of my colleagues on the release of these impressive capabilities.  I've been totally wowed by how they've made Lotus Notes sing in some incredible ways.

I'll leave the competitive comment about being first to market and all that to next week.

Update: EBizQ has the press release.
Update2: The press release is now on ibm.com.

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