IBM MobileFirst is off and running!

Thursday's initial announcements of our new IBM MobileFirst solutions portfolio were met with some really positive press and analyst reports, with more on the way. Some examples:

New York Times, IBM to take big step into mobile: "I.B.M.’s announcement also signals a realization among many companies that employees and customers are accessing corporate data and services via mobile devices from lots of places, any time of day."

All Things Digital, Big Blue Makes a Big Bet on Enterprise Mobility: "Big Blue took a serious plunge into the mobile business today by teaming up with AT&T, launching new services for its clients, and making it easier for its customers to develop software for mobile platforms. The initiative has been dubbed MobileFirst, and brings what IBM does best, including analytics, application development and cloud services into a batch of service that make it easier for customers manage and secure the devices that employees use on the job, and more easily develop applications they use to reach out to their own customers."

USA Today, IBM aims to help companies go mobile (includes video of IBM VP Kristen Lauria): "'Let's face it, the future of computing is going to be in mobile, so it's absolutely critical for IBM to have a very strong, if not dominant, position in this space,' says Maribel Lopez, principal analyst at Lopez Research. 'This is critical to their success.'"

Internet Evolution, IBM Goes MobileFirst:
"Mobile is at an inflection point much like where the Internet first commercialized 15 years ago," Ed Brill, director of strategy for IBM MobileFirst, said in a phone interview. The focus of mobile today is not on the devices, but on what can be done with them, much as the focus of the Internet shifted 15 years ago from browser wars to business opportunities.

"Organizations that are not taking full advantage of mobile computing are leaving a lot of dollars on the table," Brill says. "Embracing mobile computing is no longer an option."

This week, the launch activities continue, with the PDF you see above running in today's Wall Street Journal. The Financial Times also is highlighting IBM MobileFirst today, including a special guide to Mobile World Congress distributed in Barcelona's FT. I am en route to IBM Partnerworld Leadership Conference, where I hope to meet a whole bunch of partners getting into the swing of things with IBM MobileFirst.

One more set of interesting data from our launch this week can be found in this flickr photo set: "Business on the move" >

(And yes, I promise, very soon, I will start blogging about some of the products within the IBM MobileFirst solutions...Worklight, Tealeaf CX Mobile, Endpoint Manager, Appscan....I have not lost my technical roots :-)

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