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Release 2.0.1 of IBM Workplace Collaboration Services (Lotus Workplace) and Lotus Notes/Domino 6.x have been enhanced with features designed to help you integrate IBM Workplace Collaboration Services into an existing Notes/Domino environment. This allows you to offer your users a choice of tools most suited to their specific needs, while protecting and leveraging your on-going investment in Lotus Notes/Domino.

The objective of this book is to discuss specific ways in which you can integrate IBM Workplace Collaboration Services (Lotus Workplace) and Lotus Notes/Domino. In addition to discussing the IBM Workplace family of products and defining strategies of co-existence and integration, we address the following technical integration topics:
- Configuring IBM Workplace Collaboration Services to use your existing corporate Domino Directory as its LDAP directory,
- Integration of existing Domino applications into IBM Workplace using the Domino Extended Products Portlets, the Domino Application Portlet, and the Common PIM Portlet (CPP). This strategy provides a single UI with blended Workplace and Domino based services behind it.
- Configure mail routing between a native Domino Mail server and an IBM Lotus Workplace Messaging environment.
- Interoperability between Lotus Instant Messaging (Sametime ) and Workplace 2.0 Instant Messaging via the Lotus Instant Messaging (LIM) Gateway.
- Interoperability points available in the IBM Lotus Team Workplace (formerly QuickPlace® ) product - both now, in the 6.5.1 release, and in the future, in the 7.0 release and beyond.
Link: IBM Workplace Collaboration Services and Domino Together: Integration Handbook (draft) >

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