Press release on the newswire this morning...will be on shortly:

IBM today announced that Global Hyatt Corporation will standardize on IBM Lotus Notes and Domino and Lotus Sametime software for unified communications and collaboration among its thousands of employees and its 365 managed, operated and franchised hotels in 45 countries. The deal includes e-mail, document sharing, calendaring and the ability to combine unified communications and collaboration across a range of information technology (IT) environments to make it easier to find, reach and collaborate with employees and customers.  ...

Global Hyatt is rolling out IBM Lotus Notes version 8.0 software to its North American hotels this year and its international hotels in 2009 so that it can reap the benefits of the technology named by many customers as"the desktop of the future." ... Global Hyatt is also making the latest IBM Lotus Sametime functionality available to all of its employees worldwide so they can all be on the same system. When fully deployed in 2009, 25,000 Global Hyatt employees will use Sametime version 8 software to communicate with their coworkers, vendors and suppliers, through multiple media such as instant messages, visuals and voice.
Link: IBM signs Global Hyatt Corporation for collaboration and unified communications software >

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