Last week, IBM announced SmartCloud Notes Entry, a new member of the SmartCloud for Social Business family. From the announcement:

IBM SmartCloud Notes Entry caters specifically to the messaging needs of the unserved, boundary, or seasonal worker. SmartCloud Notes Entry is a browser-only experience that delivers email, calendaring, and contact management capabilities at a price point compelling enough to include email for all of an organization's employees.
Our idea with SmartCloud Notes Entry was to extend the hybrid architecture that is one of the key competitive advantages of our public cloud implementation and be able to provide a single-system messaging infrastructure for all segments of users within an organization. Some SmartCloud Notes users may use the Notes client, some may use a browser or mobile device, while others may need a reduced set of functionality. IBM rarely belives in "one size fits all", we prefer to offer a product line and a set of flexible choices that companies can adopt to meet their needs.

SmartCloud Notes Entry is different than the standard SmartCloud Notes offering in that it is restricted to web-only access (no Notes client), has a 1 GB mailbox size instead of 25 GB, and may only start with a clean new mailbox (no data conversion or transition). We expect it to be purchased in conjunction with other SmartCloud Social offerings, such as SmartCloud Notes or SmartCloud Engage Advanced.

An example use case might be a retail organization using SmartCloud Notes that wants full, rich messaging capabilities in their headquarters and regional operations, but in the stores only need "basic mail". SmartCloud iNotes is a good option for the "basic mail" users, but it doesn't utilize the directory and calendar services of a Domino or SmartCloud Notes environment. SmartCloud Notes Entry does, so both segments of users can operate in the same domain and environment.

The same announcement includes details of IBM SmartCloud Archive Essentials, which is now available.

Link: IBM SmartCloud for Social Business adds services: IBM SmartCloud Archive Essentials and IBM SmartCloud Notes Entry >

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