This new podcast is a robust, 30-minute discussion on the value of Lotus Symphony as well as what we are seeing with customers adopting or considering Symphony.  The speakers are product manager Eric Otchet, part of my team; David Pearson, the services team's Symphony expert; and Gary Kearney, the worldwide sales leader for Symphony (and other Notes/Domino products).


    * What is Lotus Symphony and how does it fit into a set of tools?
    * Open source movement - Is it safe to be moving in this direction for an organization?
    * How does Lotus Symphony compare to Microsoft products?
    * Who should use Lotus Symphony?
    * What additional functionality or benefits does Lotus Symphony have beyond Microsoft's suite?
    * What is our roadmap, long-term viability of Lotus Symphony?
    * What do I do about technical support, what's the best method for coexistence, what do I do about security and stability?
Worth a listen, or read the transcript.

Link: IBM Software Services for Lotus ExpertBriefing: Lotus Symphony >

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