Last week, IBM released the latest version of our mobile application development platform, IBM Worklight 6. Worklight 6, available as a no-charge download for developers, is a leading mobile app plaform for building apps on the full range of mobile devices and interfaces - native, HTML5, or hybrid. The new release includes key innovations and enhancements such as a new approach to geo-location in apps, integrated functional testing, and insight into application usage.

IBM® Worklight® helps organizations to extend their businesses to mobile devices. It provides an open, comprehensive and advanced plat- form on which to build, test, run, and manage mobile applications. With Worklight, organizations can efficiently develop, test, run and manage HTML5, hybrid and native applications and reduce development cost, speed time to market, and improve mobile application governance and security. IBM Worklight uses standards-based technologies that eliminate the use of code translation, proprietary interpreters and unpopular scripting languages.
Here are some links with details:
- Worklight developer home page > This page includes downloads, access to the SmartCloud trial, and tutorials and samples.
- IBM Worklight 6 whitepaper >
- Worklight 6 Information Center >

and a webcast on June 27 with all the details, register here >

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  1. 1  Fredrik Malmborg |

    Hi Ed,

    I was at the IBM Worklight Boot Camp at IBM Denmark last week and it looks like you got something useful. As a Notes developer I recognize patterns from XPages development.

    I have one thing that would be interesting to get your view about. Is it not wrong to thing about mobile computing to be centered on a specific device? I question why I must have a specific device to be able to get my content/features. In the future I see myself pick up any device and by some authentication method my data and features will be made available for me as long as I use that device.

    Of course this takes away some of the branding values for companies like Apple, but other values will replace it.

    I miss your voice in Notes/Domino but wish you all best.

  1. 2  Petter Kjeilen (@PetterKjeilen)  |

    Hi Ed,

    Do you have information about using Domino/Notes data as source for Worklight applications ? Been asking around on twitter/forums/IBM etc, but no luck so far..

  1. 3  Ed Brill |

    @1 My experience thus far, one of the reasons people tell us they appreciate Worklight from a developer perspective is that the platform takes care of delivery for the form factor. So in fact the developer should have to think less about the particular device and focus more on the application layer. I think your vision is the right one.

    @2 This presentation is a useful one:$file/MobileDev_WorklightDomino.pdf

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