OK dipping a toe in the water of writing about a product :-)

Two weeks ago we launched IBM MobileFirst -- a set of six solution portfolios unifying IBM's market-leading mobile enterprise story. One of the portfolios is an application platform, and the centerpiece of that is IBM Worklight. In my first month with the team, what I've learned is that Worklight addresses the need for reusability in mobile apps better than any other approach. While we offer many ways to deliver mobile web applications, Worklight is designed for web, hybrid, and native apps, across the entire spectrum of mobile devices.

I'm already carrying two sample Worklight apps around on my iPhone -- one is a banking app, the other a consumer insurance solution. Interestingly, I didn't install them from the Apple app store; instead, they came from an IBM application center. In a business-to-enterprise scenario, Worklight's built-in secure direct distribution vehicle becomes a critically important component of app delivery. App distribution is controlled within the organization.

In the 3-minute YouTube video posted above, the concept of the Worklight Application Center is explained.

The Application Center, and the model of being able to directly distribute apps, is important in the enterprise where app prototyping and deployment may take place in rapid cycles. There's no need to worry about submission to public app stores, nor worry about your internal apps being available externally. The Application Center provides all the mechanics, and operates as simply as the official app stores do.

One of the key value propositions of Worklight is code reuse. We expect companies that adopt Worklight to do so as a platform, building out a set of apps. Using the Application Center, deploying them is straightforward, and a worthwhile infrastructure component.

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