As regular readers know, we've made a lot of adjustments to Domino Express in exactly the last twelve months -- adding 2-way clustering, ending other technical restrictions, changing the definition of an Express-eligible organization for Messaging/Collaboration Express to 1000 users per Domino domain. While I can't ever get into specific sales figures, the results have been very positive, especially in terms of selling new licenses.

I often get asked about examples of very small organizations benefitting from Lotus Notes and Domino, specifically Domino Express. Earlier this month, IBM published a case study highlighting an organization with just fourteen employees, using Notes/Domino for desktop and mobile email, a document management solution from Danish business partner Teamsoft, and more:

CAU is now experiencing the benefit of its IBM Lotus-based Teamsoft solution. “Since we implemented TeamCase, we’ve completely eliminated our paper processes,” says Søren Johansen. “In addition to saving 10 square metres of floor space, we’re also saving money on printing costs. As we’re a very small business, the reduction of our storage footprint is especially significant for us.” ...“Since we’ve consolidated our data entry process, we’ve significantly cut down our office administration workload,” continues Søren Johansen. “In total, we’ve calculated that we’ve freed our employees from 18 hours’ worth of administrative tasks every week.”
Link: Cabin Attendants Union improves its document management > (Thanks, Johannes)

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