Several bloggers have picked this up during Lotusphere (thanks Mick, Paul, Chris, Bruce etc.)... the Domino development team has posted a Domino Attachment and Object Service Estimator:

The DAOS Estimator (daosest) is a tool for planning the roll-out of DAOS on the Domino 8.5 server. The tool iterates through all the requested databases, scanning for documents with attachments. It keeps a list of all the attachments so it can estimate savings based on duplicate attachments found both within a database and across all databases.
I am starting to hear crazy good numbers from real-world estimates and deployments of DAOS -- 50-70% disk space savings overall (which cascades into reduced I/O, faster backup, etc.).  Somewhere the past few days I saw DAOS described as "the very definition of a killer feature" -- worth the upgrade alone.  Couldn't say it better myself.

Link: Download the Domino Attachment and Object Service Estimator tool >

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