Some cool Domino-based solutions being deployed for smarter healthcare in Russia...

IBM is also working with KMIS and the Emergency Hospital of Petrozavodsk in the Republic of Karelia in North Western Russia to implement electronic medical records and an automated hospital information management system for its eight therapy and three diagnostic departments.

The new system which is based on IBM Notes and Domino software provides unified access to many types of medical data, allowing doctors and medical staff to share and record information and access tests and lab results instantly to improve decision making.

The new system also helps automate many administrative processes throughout the hospital such as appointment booking, work scheduling for doctors, nurses and staff as well as helping to better manage the hospital’s financial processes and reporting requirements

“Our doctors now have real-time access a complete archive of a patient’s medical data. As a result we have improved our ability to diagnose medical conditions and make optimum decisions for patients,” said Andrey Myachin, Head of the Control System Department at the Emergency Hospital of Petrozavodsk.

IBM is engaged on similar projects at other public hospitals throughout Russia including those in the regions of Volgograd, Leningrad, Kirov, Pskov, Perm and Vladimir as well as the Republics of Khakassia and Udmurtia.
Link: Hospitals in Russia’s Regions Turn to IBM to Transform Healthcare >

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