Press release out for Thursday on momentum going into Lotusphere 2011 next week.

 IBM today announced new partnerships and increased adoption of LotusLive public cloud services to help clients innovate faster, improve daily business interactions and reduce computing costs.  LotusLive provides organizations with integrated email, Web conferencing, social networking and collaboration services through the IBM cloud.

As part of today's news, IBM announced partnerships with Ariba and SugarCRM that will help clients take advantage of social commerce and social CRM in the cloud.

IBM also announced the widespread adoption of LotusLive with the following new clients benefiting from IBM's Cloud initiatives: Australian Bureau of Statistics, C&D Foods, Crawford & Company, the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, General Milling Corporation, General Motors Components Holdings and the Zoo and Aquarium Association of Australia.
General Motors Component Holdings was the first customer we brought into LotusLive Notes back in mid-2010.  Migrating from a Microsoft Exchange environment, GMCH deployed on an early deployment release of LotusLive Notes -- the first external release -- and we then subsequently did two additional service updates in the 3rd and 4th quarter.  In the cloud, we can iterate quickly, deliver value, and learn from early partnerships such as GMCH.

C&D Foods also migrated from Microsoft Exchange, bringing an acquired manufacturing facility up and running on LotusLive for mail quickly.

Nice to see SugarCRM and Ariba join the growing list of partners integrating with LotusLive.  Users of the their tools have single click access to LotusLive services such as instant emeetings, chat, or file-sharing. has also been updated: IBM Sees Cloud Adoption Soar with New Clients, Partnerships

Obviously, we'll have more cloud and LotusLive news next week.  Just a little preview to get things going.

Link (to be posted in US AM): IBM Sees Cloud Adoption Soar with New Clients, Partnerships >

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