Always good to see such positive case studies come from the "day jobs" of bloggers in the community....

Warren Elsmore, Technical Director of BE Systems, explains: "With clustering, Norbord could run Lotus Domino across a number of servers, to improve load balancing. This would help ensure high availability, helping Norbord employees get access to the systems they need." ...

"Norbord needed the implementation to be completed in a very narrow window, to minimise the business risk which would be occasioned by a lengthy handover period," explains Warren Elsmore. "We used another new feature in Lotus Notes and Domino 6.5 -- Smart Upgrade -- to push the new client software out to all the users at the click of a button, and designed a number of desktop policies to ensure a seamless transition to the new system."

"The BE Systems team was outstanding," says Stuart Auld. "All four European sites were fully upgraded to the new solution within four weeks -- and we have not had a single technical problem or a moment's downtime with the new environment in the six months since the transition."
Nice job, Warren and Kitty!

Link: Norbord improves business resilience with IBM Lotus Domino and BE Systems >

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