Today, IBM announced the Smarter Work initiative, as part of the overall Smarter Planet theme.  The press release and website tell the story -- and yes, the point is, that it's a story, a theme, a marketing message:

You probably work a lot smarter today than you did twenty years ago, or ten years ago--or even last year. The Internet and wireless revolutions continue to transform the way individuals create, use and share information; the way we build and maintain relationships; the way we make decisions.

So why does it feel like we are working so much harder? Smarter Work

Unfortunately, the best work in many companies often happens despite our processes and structures, rather than because of them. Individuals and teams today are ready to collaborate, multitask and cocreate--and yet, every week, businesses waste 5.3 hours per employee because of inefficient processes. A full two-thirds of employees believe there are colleagues who can help them do their jobs better, but they don't know how to find them--and 42% of people say they are forced to make decisions with the wrong information at least once a week. It's no wonder that 91% of CEOs surveyed say they need to restructure the way their organizations work.To work smarter, we'll need smarter organizations--enhancing and benefiting from their people's expertise, enterprise and creativity, rather than inhibiting them. Transforming the collaborative infrastructure and processes of our places of work will enable people to take advantage of the full scope of an instrumented, interconnected and intelligent planet. And the good news is that many organizations around the world are showing the way.
While there are some technology announcements this week -- both at IBM's IMPACT conference in Las Vegas and at RIM's WES conference in Orlando -- the biggest "news" is the launch of the Smarter Work theme.  And Lotus customers -- Celina Insurance, Salvation Army, and many others -- are front-and-center as part of the message.

I also want to point out something subtle but important.  When you read the press release issued today, "IBM Approach to Working Smarter Builds on Leadership in Business Process Transformation and Collaboration", you might notice something surprising for a release issued from a conference focused primarily around the WebSphere set of technologies.  Tom Rosamilia, who is the general manager for WebSphere, is talking about Lotus in this release.  His team reached out to me to help them with a customer example of an Exchange to Domino migration for Tom to use in their press conference today.  In short, there's a linked value message coming out of the WebSphere team, that tells "their" audience to pay attention to what's going on at Lotus today.  That's different, in a clearly positive way.

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