Found a reference to this technote and thought it was worth highlighting.  Many of us who have been around Notes/Domino for a long time think back to the days of QMRs = Quarterly Maintenance Releases.  In recent releases, the strategy around delivering fixes has changed, in order to get fixes to market faster and allow you to apply them more easily to existing deployments.  

I am not convinced we have done an effective job communicating about fixpacks and cumulative hotfixes, nor the body language change around maintenance releases.

This document provides an explanation of the differences between Lotus Notes and Domino Maintenance Releases, Fix Packs, and Cumulative Client Hotfixes. It is important to note that client Fix Packs are NEW in 8.0.2 and will help address the most pressing customer issues in a well tested public deliverable.
What this technote does not cover is how maintenance releases relate to new feature delivery.  The concept of interim feature releases is discussed, but not features in maintenance releases.  In general, the philosophy is to deliver new features in certain maintenance releases where those features do not impact the core Domino server engine.  Features are generally delivered as optional, especially on the server side, or are more cosmetic, especially on the client side.

When I talk to customers I often hear "we're waiting for the next maintenance release".  Part of what is worth highlighting in this technote is the notion that cumulative hotfixes and/or fixpacks can help address issues in your environment without having to wait -- for example it has been seven months since 8.0.2 released, but there is both a fixpack and a subsequent cumulative hotfix available for Notes 8.0.2.

Right now we're working primarily on Notes/Domino 8.5.1, which will include feature updates (especially on Domino Designer) and fixes.

Link: Technote: Differences between Notes/Domino Maintenance Releases, Fix Packs and Cumulative Client Hotfixes >

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