This morning at LeWeb in Paris, IBM is announcing several new mobile apps across our collaboration and social portfolio. This continues the theme we've established throughout 2011 of mobile leadership. The new apps, which have been released over the last 60 days, include:

From the release:
“Millions of tablet and smart phone devices will be unwrapped this holiday season,” said Alistair Rennie, general manager, social business, IBM. “The ability to play Angry Birds is fun, but being able to also securely access business applications, enterprise content and accelerate your organization will be the real gift that keeps on giving.”

While I was at Enterprise MobileNext last week, I learned that the team that is building our mobile solutions has shipped 44 new releases this year across their portfolio, when you count all the different apps and platforms. Really impressive progress and delivery cadence.

It's worth also mentioning one other IBM app for the iPad, Cognos Mobile. I downloaded this last week just to do demos -- it's a really well-done mobile app that shows the power of the Cognos dashboarding/reporting tools.

I'll be at LeWeb on Friday to discuss this announcement, on my way to an all-day event at IBM Stockholm on Monday. Looking forward to yet one more trip to Europe this year.

Interested in more mobile? IBM business partner Ascendant Technology is hosting a "Zen Master" seminar next week on Tuesday, December 13 at 11 AM US EST. More details on this meeting are available here.

Link: 'Tis the Season for Enterprise-Class Tablet Apps >

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