This paper was published a few weeks ago and is starting to be merchandised across bloggers, such as Stuart McIntyre, caught it over the holiday season as well.  

I think this is a helpful document to share with IT managers responsible for application development strategies as to why Domino and XPages are relevant and resourceful.  Combine this with IBM's efforts around, IBM's first published case study around XPages, and the quality of XPages story that we received as Lotus Awards nominations (and sessions at Lotusphere such as Brian Benz's story on Deloitte Recap), it feels like we've achieved full liftoff for the go-forward story of Notes/Domino application development.  

The Notes/Domino application development product management mission is in my area of responsibility as of 1/1/11.  Clearly I have a lot to learn, and I'll be relying on Pete Janzen as product manager, Maureen Leland/Philippe Riand and many others on the development team, and a whole slew of new inputs to fully embrace what has been done and what we should be doing from here.  I'm sure we'll never be able to do everything that you all want us to do, but this white paper and these other efforts are a good place to start from.

I like the fact that the first several pages build understanding and agreement about relevant needs and capabilities, and only on page 5 do we hammer home the solution:

The IBM solution for RADD

Based on many years of application development for collaborative and business logic applications, IBM offers best-in-class tools, experience and strategies to help companies obtain near-immediate gains and ROI for custom business solutions.  The open standards-based IBM Lotus┬« Domino┬« platform features XPages technology, which provides one programming model for developers to build applications for desktop, browser and mobile experiences. This comprehensive platform integrates secure and semistructured data storage, application-level security, robust user directories and built-in messaging services that support human-facing workflows.
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Link: White paper: Discover the six leading-edge capabilities and versatile tools needed to help ensure an accelerated return on investment for an application development environment >

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