IBM has published a sponsored research paper which analyzes interviews conducted with 100 Notes/Domino customers on why they have chosen to use or continue to use Notes over Microsoft Exchange.  The paper, "E-mail and Collaboration Deliver Business Value", is freely downloadable from  It's only a dozen pages long, so more good material for the CIO or executive staff:

[C]ustomers selected the Lotus Note/Domino solutions because they believe it is:
- Much more secure than alternative products such as Microsoft Exchange;
- Highly reliable and scalable, even when supporting tens of thousands of end users;
- Able to support tight integration of email with document management, workfl ow and portal implementations; and
- Supported by ongoing IBM Lotus software development programs that protect the customer's existing investment in Lotus Notes-based applications while improving the email client interface, enhancing support for mobile workers, and reducing the total cost of ownership.
Link: Summit Strategies paper, "E-mail and Collaboration Deliver Business Value" >
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