IBM's services team has taken a bold step this week -- posting the courseware for Introduction to IBM Lotus Domino 8.5 XPages (D8L55) on the IBM Lotus Greenhouse at no charge. Yes, free as in free beer!

Image:IBM’s Introduction to XPages courseware - free

Why free? As part of the OpenCourseWare movement, pioneered at MIT a decade ago. The IBM Education team is taking a step forward to advance informal learning through the sharing and use of free, quality educational materials to build skills in the marketplace.

From Sonia Malik in our Education team:

  • Materials usage is intended for those who would like to setup their own environment and self-instruct on XPages.
  • Classroom and self-paced eLearning versions of this course are available (at the public list price) for individuals who prefer formal instruction and lab support.
  • A variety of additional XPages Application Development courses are available for a fee to continue your study of this technology and further develop your skills.

Want to get started? Be sure you are registered on Lotus Greenhouse.

Link: Lotus Greenhouse: Introduction to IBM Lotus Domino 8.5 XPages OpenCourseWare >

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  1. 1  Ravi  |

    The greenhouse course link is not working.

  1. 2  Ed Brill |

    It seems to work for me - are you registered on Greenhouse already?

  1. 3  Brett H  |

    Excellent and very cool and lots of other superlatives. It's a great start IBM! Keep 'em coming...

  1. 4  Chris Pepin |

    First link in the blog post, { Link } isn't working for me either

  1. 5  Joe Litton |

    Thanks Ed!

    First link at the top does not work, but the link at the bottom works fine. I'm alerting colleagues!

  1. 6  Bhaskar T  |

    How do I get registered at green house site, I do not have the registion link any where on the page. Please help

  1. 7  Bhaskar T  |

    I have registered in Lotus Green house and let me see If I can receive my registration real quick.


  1. 8  Ed Brill |

    I can't seem to get the first link to point right. It's a weird thing with the syntax of an "=D" in the URL and Dominoblog.

  1. 9  Darren Duke http://Http:// |

    @8 if only you knew someone in Domino product management who could fix that ;)

    It affects my blog too

  1. 10  Rob Brown  |

    The password reset option on Greenhouse seems to be delayed. Unfortunately you cannot set up a new account with a Gmail account either. Fantastic news that this is free but jumping through registration hoops - who does that really benefit?

  1. 11  Rob Brown  |

    @10 -- OK - working now! Must be all those Netflix downloads clogging the tubes.

  1. 12  Erik Brooks  |

    "Why free? As part of the OpenCourseWare movement, pioneered at MIT a decade ago."

    I would hope that another reason is "To expand the growth of this awesome, though relatively new, development platform."

    Good move putting it on Greenhouse, too.

  1. 13  Peter Presnell |

    Where did you say the free beer was?

  1. 14  Ed Brill |

    @13 anytime you're in Chicago.

  1. 15  Nathan T. Freeman |

    @14 I'm going to send Peter to Chicago for a week just to try to make you go broke. ;-) Aussies are known for their capacity for beer.

  1. 16  Antonio PiƱa  |

  1. 17  Sean Cull |


    I applaud the initiative and am looking forward to looking at the material but the process of getting to it is poor.

    There is no password reset link on the login and when I do find the reset link on the home page no email is received.

    I do see the attractiveness of exposing people to connections so a login is warranted but it must be easier.

  1. 18  Lars Olufsen |

    I'm beginning to see a pattern ...

    Free DDE,

    Free XPages courseware

    Cheap XWork server (Is there a free version for development use, or a free developer instance somewhere).

    Time to tell the cool kids that X marks the spot!

    BTW ... With the obvious disclaimer that I have no part or economic interest in neither company nor product ... have you all seen Teamstudio's new "Unplugged" engine? XPages to mobile app dev tool.

    All of the above makes me want to start developing again!

  1. 19  Steve |

    Excellent, added it to my collections of related bookmarks, available externally here:

  1. 20  Richard Hogan  |

    Ed, would IBM allow this course to be hosted also on OpenNFT? I'd expect it would reach a bigger audience if there was no need to register to reach it!

  1. 21  Frederic Fanchamps  |

    Probably I do something wrong but the link brings me on a page 'IBM Connections' where I have to enter a userid and a password. I don't have a IBM Connections userid/password, and I don't find any link on the page to register/ask a userid.

  1. 22  Steve |

    @Frederic, you need to register for the Greenhouse - link here:

  1. 23  Ed Brill |

    @20 perhaps not unreasonably, we would like to know who is using this...the data will help us with any future initiatives and similar efforts. 3rd party hosting would not allow us to track that information.

    @18 XWork == Domino in terms of the technology base. You can download a Domino trial for 60 days for free, you can host a developer or test image of Domino for free on Amazon EC2 (pay hosting charges only, no license), or a developer can buy quantity 1 of Collaboration Express for around US$160. I don't think access to Domino is really a barrier at this point.

  1. 24  Frederic Fanchamps  |

    Great Steve, thanks.

    Now I have a userid/password working for Greenhouse.

    But... the link for the course still shows this IBM Connections page, and if I try the userid/password I just got on greenhouse it doesn't work.

    Sorry if I look stupid but I still can't get the course.

  1. 25  Mike  |

    Trying to signup for Greenhouse and it says to use a "business" email. I'm currently unemployed and want to download the courseware to start learning XPages. Is there a way around this? I'm trying to use my gmail account.

  1. 26  Ed Brill |

    @25, ooh, that's a tough one. A gmail account typically won't be approved for Greenhouse usage. Let me pass that back to Education and see if we can find another approach.

  1. 27  Timothy Briley  |


    What's the logic in requiring dev types to use a "business" address? I've always thought that the smart move for guys in our line of work would be to use a personal address for all things Notes in case we changed jobs.

  1. 28  Lorraine Ludwicki  |

    Hi. Yes, must sign up to Greenhouse to access the free courseware. Full article and instruction can be found here

  1. 29  Mike Robinson  |

    all I heard was free beer in the green house? :)

  1. 30  Carsten  |

    @23 (@18)

    if there is no difference between xworks and domino what type should be selected during installation enterprise ?

  1. 31  axel  |

    Zorry, am more of those business-unsavy wannabe develpers kind of persons. Am evaluating to pay for one of those springframework-trainings offered for affordable Euros in Poland. Of course none of real decision-takers is interested in such art pour le art material, but I've never been to Poland in winter. No bad intention, am just trying to be funny.

  1. 32  Peter Meuser |

    Axel, don't you know, that XPages is the platform of choice of thousands of successful commercial applications since years? (I am still looking for a useful directory of IBM partners who are offering these applications...)

  1. 33  Mike Robinson  |

    @25, you might have already received a workaround, in case you haven't, I believe you can use a mail account. I just tried and it works.

  1. 34  Mike  |

    @33, I have not received a workaround and will try the zoho route now.

  1. 35  Mike  |

    OK, signed up for mail, registered with greenhouse. now waiting on approval. Gotta be a better way that this. I can't believe IBM would put such restrictions on "free" courseware.

  1. 36  Mike  |

    Almost a week and have heard nothing from Greenhouse w/r to my request to signup. Would love to be able to get this "free" courseware. Any suggestions??

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