So I get an e-mail a few minutes ago with that subject line.  Intrigued, I check it out... and sense quite quickly that this e-mail could just as easily been sent to any blogger.  The author is asking me to blog about a topic that isn't of interest to me, isn't something I've ever written about, and isn't of interest to you.  

What really pisses me off is the come-on line: "First, I visit your blog periodically and always find it useful/interesting."  Hmmm, the author's e-mail address looks generic, and it's a hotmail account (not that hotmail in and of itself is evil, but c'mon... how much MS technology am I a fan of? :)  ) I checked the SMTP headers, since hotmail conveniently provides the author's source IP address.  

Well, that IP address has not his this weblog in the last two months.  That pretty much clinches it -- into the bit bucket the e-mail goes.

I wonder when the signal to noise ratio will overwhelm e-mail for blog authors.  For "A-list" bloggers, I bet it's a challenge already.

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