The first IamLUG is over.  The event was a huge success, thanks to the organizers and sponsors.  Special thanks to Chris Miller for his vision and leadership in putting together a well-attended event that reached a number of new faces and organizations, and strengthened the Lotus community at the valley between Lotuspheres.

In this 8-ish minute podcast, Chris talks with Kevin Cavanaugh, the event's keynote speaker, and me about our impressions of the event, as well as some details on the new "Lotus Knows" marketing campaign.  On that last topic, I want to make one thing a little clearer -- we brought "Lotus Knows" to IamLUG because the Lotus community deserved to hear where we are at with this effort.  If we stuck to schedule, we probably would have waited a week or two longer before announcing it publicly -- get more details in place.  So there are understandably questions, some of which don't have complete answers yet.  The Lotus Knows Jam the week after next is the next piece of the story to come into play, and we'll have more to say in that in the coming days as well.

Link: IdoNotes podcast episode 63 >

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