Now is this cool or what?

Carl Tyler has built a way-cool live-blogging platform 100% on Lotus technology.  A few of us will be using it for real-time updates on the Lotusphere opening general session on Monday, January 22.

Image:I’ll be liveblogging Lotusphere on

Carl says:
The site has been built using 100% IBM Lotus Technologies, using the latest versions of IBM Lotus Domino and IBM Lotus Sametime, it provides can be considered I suppose is realtime blogging.  The site was built in a few short days and came about through a comment made by Ken Bisconti in reply to a blog entry at  Ken's question got me thinking how I could go about building such a site in the short time frame available.  So I took what I knew and I ended up with LotusphereLive. Live blogging will be provided by a few well known gents in our community (we need more well known ladies!):
Bruce Elgort & Julian Robichaux - Taking Notes
Carl Tyler - Instant Technologies
Chris Miller - Connectria
Ed Brill - IBM
If you won't be in Orlando, there is other good news. In addition to the live blogging on Monday, the opening general session will be available online later in the week, and I should have some news soon about making presentations available online.

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