Image:I´m speaking at Lotusphere!

Take a day off in the blog world, and find my RSS reader jammed up with a dozen+ bloggers proudly conveying the acceptance of their upcoming sessions (including Birds-of-a-Feather) at Lotusphere.  Congrats to Carl, Jess, John, Devlin, Paul, Wild Bill, Bruce and Vince, Chris, Duffbert, Chris, vowe, Stefan, and others who haven't blogged about their sessions yet (IDoNotes, Henry, Scott, Julian, etc.etc.etc.).

As for me, I'll have two session: "The Boss Loves Microsoft: Where does that leave Lotus?" with a mystery colleague; and "How to 'sell' Notes/Domino inside your organization" with Libby Ingrassia,  I'm sure I'll pop up like a gopher somewhere else on the agenda, too....

As noted the other day -- we had a huge number of great abstracts to sort through this year.  Thank you to everyone who submitted one.  Some really tough calls, right down to the wire (and we're still working through a very last few).

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