I guess the only surprise here is, why it has taken 4½ years for this to ever happen.

Since there is no identity validation for comments on this site (as with many blogs), anyone can post under any name.  By site terms, though, comments must be posted using one's real name and a valid e-mail address.  Over 35,000 comments have been posted here, and less than 100 of those are pseudonyms (mostly in cases where I just didn't catch it in time).

Before this week, though, I had never seen anyone post comments using my name.  Until this week, when I started going after one troll who used anonymouse.org to post here.  At first I just deleted his comments, then I blocked the IP for that site.  Still not enough.  Last night, he posted two comments using my name....

Image:Impersonated on my own website

Now, there was one tell-tale sign that these weren't from me.  Each comment was signed.  I don't sign comments.  But otherwise, I realize that readers would assume these would be comments from me -- there's no history here of impersonation, so...

I deleted the comments, as well as the responses they quickly drew.  NO, 8.5 is not the last version to support the Mac platform.  But yeah, clever way to get attention.  Sigh.

I'm not quite sure what to do about this.  I've seen a few blog implementations (including some Dominoblog ones) where comments from the site owner get highlighted differently.  If that would work when I comment via blackberry, browser, or Notes client, I will look into something like that.  I could also post IP addresses with comments, but again, I travel a heck of a lot.  Open to suggestion, because once again, my trust in humanity got me stung (thankfully just a small bite this time).

Dear Comcast New Jersey subscriber -- next Friday, go to bed at your normal bedtime.

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