Well, we're not quite at the halfway point, but close enough.  The Lotus Knows IdeaJam has been hugely popular, with 12K votes, 1500 comments, and 700 ideas.  We're getting good global participation, though still more than half the visits are coming from the US.  One of my personal goals for the Jam was to increase the visibility of the Lotus community outside of North America, so I'm hoping you're out there and ready to join in during the remaining day+.

There are two very notable things going on in the Jam that I want to call out.

First is, many of the ideas are not "new".  This is NOT a bad thing.  When I say they are not "new", that means that they are things that we have discussed before, either internally at IBM or in the community.  From the perspective of the ones that have been internally discussed, at least it validates to me that we have some really talented, smart, creative people on the inside, and that sometimes these things come down to right place / right time or resources or whatever.  Still, my team and the extended Lotus team should find it immensely validating to see things we are already working on being called out as ideas -- at least I can already confidently predict with 100% certainty that IBM will be implementing some of the ideas from the IdeaJam.  I also like the fact that passionate people have not "given up" on ideas that have been thrown around for years -- and in fact, have been able to show some really significant support for those ideas concentrated through the Jam.

Second, I am really happy to see that the IBMers participating in the Jam are doing so with the same creativity and willingness to challenge ourselves that we do privately in the halls and concalls of IBM-land.  In other words, this isn't all happy talk on the Jam -- IBMers are telling other IBMers what we should be doing, and we are casting their votes in favor of your ideas, too.  This is an incredible level of transparency, and from what I've seen, you all are responding positively.  I have to admit I didn't quite expect this -- in fact, when a colleague put in one of their first ideas before the Jam opened, I "moderated" it because I didn't want that particular topic discussed in public.  Lesson learned *very* quickly -- the topic came up through a suggestion from a customer or partner, and the discussion that has ensued has been really useful.

I feel a bit of a fatigue coming on after the initial wave of the IdeaJam.  I haven't had much time to read in the last 12 hours, but the same ideas are at the top of "popular" right now at 10 AM in Melbourne as were when I went to bed in Sydney last night.  My ask of you for the remaining Jam time is to check out the newest and some of the less-popular topics.  Be sure to read into the ones that are coming in from names you don't know -- I have been thrilled to see so many good ideas from people I've never met or encountered online before.

Link: Lotus Knows IdeaJam >

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