Last week, I inadvertently slighted my hosting provider in the process of deflecting an attempt to change the subject on a blog posting.  I wrote: [is] not [a] "mission-critical" mail server, and in my case I certainly wouldn't ask PSC to run it on a UPS, cluster the server to a remote site, etc.
This wasn't really fair to PSC, because they have invested a huge amount of time, money, and effort in hosting for more than five years.  They do run the system quite reliably and invest way more than indeed I would ever have asked them to do.

John Head explained the infrastructure and commitment that PSC makes:
PSC has a dedicated server for the blogs that we host. It is a nice Dell PowerEdge server with dual quad-core processors and 4 gigs of ram. Nothing huge but a decent machine. ...[The blog and ideajam] servers are in a server room that is climate controlled and controlled by multiple UPS power devices. The blog server has nearline and tape backups. ... When I look back at 2008, I can easily claim 99.7% uptime. We have not been down over 26.25 hours this year. I bet it would turn out to be higher, but we do not keep track of that for these two machines. We have had some issues with all of our network providers in 2008 (we have multiple internet connections as all sites should have) and are doing infrastructure upgrades to attempt to solve that problem going forward.

One of the reasons the blog server is not four or five nine covered is that I upgrade that server to the latest beta's and design partner code drops all the time. Why? It provides one of the highest traffic public Domino servers and I let the folks from IBM see the HTTP and server logs when we have issues. I know they have super testing facilities in Westford to put Domino beta's thru the ringer when it comes to traffic, but this is real world. I know of two bugs that were fixed in just the 8.0.0 timeframe before the product was released because of the blog server.
Google analytics has tracked over a million pageviews on so far this year, and that doesn't include pretty heavy RSS traffic or those who filter javascript.  That PSC has delivered all of that for my blog, and a dozen other sites, completely at no charge is a huge gift and one that keeps on giving.  Too often, I and the others living here take it for granted, but we should not.  Thank you to all of the team at PSC, and congratulations on your recent Lotus Awards win.  You guys are awesome.

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