Inbox management

October 26 2005

Well, I was supposed to be in Kingston, Jamaica, right about now, but there was this hurricane that passed through Florida earlier in the week, and the airlines/airport have understandably not yet caught up.  So, Miami for now.  22nd floor of the Hyatt, looking out at the ocean.  Not bad.

In the thread a few days ago about Notes client performance, the comments went off in the direction of e-mail inbox management.  We've got the usual "pilers" vs. "filers" arguement, with many noting that Notes full-text search makes it so dead easy to find stuff, why bother filing.  I'm in that camp.  Others say that they can't stand to have anything in the inbox (my friend Karen is in that camp).

A recent article on IBM developerWorks: Lotus focuses on this topic as well.  Entitled, "Best practices for large Lotus Notes mail files", two software engineers examine the effect of large mailbox files, large inboxes, and the number of mailboxes per server on Domino performance.  The tests were done on iSeries servers, but the results certainly have applicability across the board.  

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to go clean up my inbox.

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