is a community website run by and IBM.  The site's focus is on mid-market-sized organizations.  Last month, Kevin Hansen wrote the site's weekly "Expert's opinion" about Lotus Notes and had a lot of great discussion with other InfoBoomers.

This week, I am the guest expert and my topic is "Why Participation Matters".  No surprise to regular readers, but InfoBoom targets a substantially different audience:

In today's workplace, a cultural expectation of collaborative sharing is taking hold.  

"Knowledge is power" is still true, but that knowledge must now be created and shared openly to help companies with innovation and delivery of value to customers.  Participation demonstrates knowledge, and leads to faster innovation through more creativity and problem-solving.

In the future, there simply won't be any other way to drive a business forward.
I encourage you to join the conversation, and share the article with your line-of-business and executive friends and family.

Link: infoBOOM: Why Participation Matters >

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