A tweet from Tom Duff alerted me to this new report:

Microsoft SharePoint has captured the ECM market's attention. While some may argue that SharePoint is not a panacea and is perhaps being over-used, many organizations around the world are reportedly using it for one or more ECM-related projects.

Can SharePoint be successfully deployed enterprise-wide? Is it best suited for particular applications, or capable of addressing all of an enterprise's content management needs? Does it have particular functional strengths and weaknesses?

Answers to these and many other questions are contained in this 25+ page market research, based on 616 respondents from medium to large organizations.
The press release is more provocative, saying
A recently released market study conducted by Information Architected (on behalf of AIIM and Oracle), found that half of the organizations using SharePoint experienced more effort and budget than expected in development of the SharePoint solution, and point to integration issues as among the greatest challenges to deployment.

'SharePoint still has a way to go to product maturity.' observed Carl Frappaolo, Information Architected co-founder and principal, and author of the study. 'While SharePoint has come a long way and now represents a valid choice as a component of ECM applications, the market is still ripe with opportunity for complementary solution providers and system integrators.'
and, I would add, for alternatives...

I read the report and found that most of the responses are in line with one of the report's subheadings: "SharePoint functionality -- 'Good enough'".  There's no data anywhere in the report that comes out strongly supporting SharePoint as the ginsu knife of the IT shop, and in some places it highlights a sort of buyer's remorse -- yeah, it's OK for file sharing and a portal interface, but that other stuff?  Not really.

Now, there's one thing that surprises me about this report more than anything -- it was sponsored by Oracle.  Why?

Link: Information Architected: State of the Market: Microsoft SharePoint (February 2009) >

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