E-mail keeps growing in volume, and so does the urgency for devising new and better ways of dealing with it. A typical office worker receives more than 100 messages a day--some get 200, 300, or more--and may send dozens more. At large companies, it adds up to millions of messages per week and many hours glued to PCs; it also hogs storage and demands hours of administrator and security pro time. E-mail has gotten so big that it's no longer a mere issue of personal productivity. Top executives and their companies are being judged on how they're controlling it, as mismanagement can lead to legal troubles.
An interesting article that talks about e-mail policies as being key to help manage deluge. Interesting status report on archiving, mailbox quotas, near-line storage, and other current issues.

It doesn't talk much about using other tools for collaboration, though.  The answer doesn't have to always be more mods to the e-mail system.

Link: Information Week: Businesses Struggle Under Growing Weight Of E-Mail > (Thanks, Rob)

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