Excellent to see recognition of IBM Connections and IBM's overall social business story as a leader in Forrester's assessment of enterprise social software platforms:

"To me, the story here is IBM, not Jive," [Forrester analyst Rob] Koplowitz said. IBM Connections ranked high across the board and beats Jive in some areas, such as localization into many languages.

"In this type of emerging market, where we're just starting to see leaders emerge, a company like IBM you might assume would be a laggard," Koplowitz said. Big enterprise software vendors often fall behind because while they are busy polishing their products and marketing plans, startup competitors have put out a dozen new releases, he said. "IBM deserves kudus for just how aggressively they've brought this product to market--they brought it out early, they continue to invest very heavily in it, and they've been very entrepreneurial."
Link: Information Week: Forrester Names 4 Leading Enterprise Social Platforms >

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