Information Week is reporting on Gartner's assessment of Microsoft's "Office 12" preview, including a recommendation to look at IBM instead:

Despite many potentially powerful enhancements, most enterprises will find it hard to justify upgrading [to Office 12] during 2007 and 2008," wrote a half dozen Gartner analysts in an online briefing posted to the Stamford, Conn.-based company's Web site.  ...
Among its other recommendations, Gartner advised corporations to evaluate IBM's Workplace product line as an Office alternative -- "Workplace is far more 'real' today than Office 12," the analysts said -- and to keep an ear open for later Office 12 details, including some kind of integration with Groove Networks, the company that Microsoft bought in March.

"We note the lack of any statements about Groove Networks' technology," said the analysts. "It will be a bad sign If Microsoft does not integrate Groove by the time Office 12 ships."
I was wondering that, too.

Link: Information Week: Gartner: Wait Until At Least '07 For Office 12  >

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