Information Week discusses the varying degree of adoption of instant messaging in the corporate market...

Many companies aren't sure they need it. George Chizmar, VP of IT at Apple Vacations, says IM wasn't on any business managers' requirements list when the company bought Lotus Notes. But it came with the package. "IM is being used more and more, so we are seeing the value of IM in a much different light these days," he says. Now, Lotus has a new version of IM, and the company will consider it.
I'm also intrigued by the story that this is a sidebar to, "Is Centralized IT Killing Tech Innovation?".  Several quotes from Ray Ozzie, who certainly knows a lot about decentralized IT and how to move up the curve to a centralized environment.  A customer's open-minded good point:
There's a lesson in every rogue Web application employees bring in, says Brad Shipp, VP of IT for Cox New England, a unit of broadband services company Cox Communications. "Find out why that Web app is being used, because it's obviously filling some kind of need that IT isn't meeting," Shipp says. "They're all red flags, but they're also opportunities for doing something better."
I wonder often if this is a pendulum-swing issue.  Clearly, consumer presence is having an ever-increasing effect on what corporate IT uses, but there has to be a backlash, eventually.

Link: Information Week: IM: Why Businesses Aren't Yet Convinced It's For Them >

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