We agree in principle...

Social software is the best way for organizations to organize "their single biggest investment, which for most companies is their people," [Jive CEO Tony Zingale] said. "They must adopt social business strategy or risk falling behind their competitors."
Couldn't have said it better ourselves. However, I'm surprised where he goes from there:
IBM Connections is the "refurbished Lotus email system"
Um, OK. Even the reporter isn't buying it:
His slams against the completion are entertaining, but keep in mind that one of the definitions of "jive" is "to engage in kidding, teasing, or exaggeration" (or maybe "deceptive, exaggerated, or meaningless talk")
But IBM Vice President Jeff Schick pwns the competition in the article's comments:
When I was growing up and people were talking jive, they were talking nonsense.
Nonsense that goes unchallenged becomes fact.
Tony made the statement that "IBM Connections is the "refurbished Lotus email system,".
This statement is plain jive talk.

IBM Connections is a Websphere solution based on open standards including java and opensocial . It is not a refurbished email system.
Tony should get his facts straight and stop with the jive talk.
Maybe he is getting his media training from Marc Benioff.

In IDC's marketshare surveys for the last two years on Enterprise Social Software, IBM is #1 and Jive is a distant #3. That is a fact.

Jeff Schick
VP of Social Software
I think I'm handing the win on this one to my boss :-)

Link: Information Week: Jive CEO: Social Tools Are Essential, Not Extras >

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