Information Week takes a look at plans from Microsoft, IBM, and new market entrants...

E-mail is getting interesting again.

The market for business e-mail software has been largely stagnant the past few years, as companies stood pat with tried-and-true systems or invested modestly to accommodate reading messages on Web browsers and PDAs. But products from Microsoft and IBM due in the next year could give CIOs new incentives to upgrade their e-mail systems to comply with government regulations, get control of traveling workers, and harness the popularity of Web meetings and Internet phone calls.
IBM plans to start testing a new version of its Notes e-mail client and its Domino server later this year. The release, code-named Hannover, will include a new user interface based on the open source Eclipse programming environment; the ability to see whether colleagues are online and kick off chats or Internet phone calls from within the in-box; a built-in word processor and other productivity tools meant to offer an alternative to Microsoft Office; and a method for storing e-mails, voice mails, and documents related to various projects. A public beta of the product is expected this fall.
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