Good to see that Microsoft really understands the concepts of 24/7 availability and system redundancy in 2010.  Apparently, they've decided none of their MSDN bloggers need to be on the air for a full week!

This week, Microsoft is upgrading their MSDN blogging platform. For the next week, bloggers will not be able to make new posts unless they were queued before the upgrade started. Also, nobody will be able to make posts on new or existing blog entries. So here we have one whole week of downtime for Microsoft's communication with their users. Could any of Microsoft's own customers afford the luxury of a week-long offline upgrade for their own companies?
I almost enjoyed this comment on the Information Week article more than the main story itself:
Windows Phone 7 will use Silverlight instead of Java, ActiveX instead of OpenGL ES, Internet Explorer instead of WebKit, a hard-wired Bing Button which can't be changed to Google, no HTML5, all wrapped up in a phone platform closed to the outside word (all apps must come via Microsoft).

Microsoft still despises the thought of using anyone else's technology. Even if that means losing the mobile market, losing the online market, and thus losing the empire.
Link: Information Week: Microsoft's Eating Caviar in the Cloud > (thanks, Tim)

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