I don't know the author, but I like his confident posture in this article:

I have been a Domino developer for the past 13 years, and for as long as I have been working with the platform, I am continually surprised and dismayed to have to explain to technical recruiters or interviewers what Lotus Domino is and what you can do with it. My dismay is because although there are a few key features that make Domino stand out from other application development platforms, I've heard repeatedly throughout my tenure as a Domino developer that "Domino is dead."

Thus, I write this article to set things straight. ... In this article, I want to describe these features and show you how they can benefit your bottom line.
I hope in his subsequent chapters of this article, Martin will add to his storyline how new developers can get started with Domino....developer.lotus.com, OpenNTF.org, free Designer, etc...

Link: InformIT: Domino is Not Dead: Why Now Is a Good Time to Consider a New Value Proposition, Part 1 >

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